Yebane Textil | COMPANY
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Who we are

Two generations of working with illusion and teamwork.

Yebane is a company from Valencia which has been manufacturing fabrics for upholsery and decoration since 1970, with installations over 10.000 square metres and a great professional team, we keep working and betting to offer our customers the best design, quality and service; priority goals in our company.

Our high capacity and quality production systems, allow us to be a vertical company, starting with our own design, yarn preparation,weaving, dyeing and finishing facilities to the final presentation.



A motivated company and in constant evolution, constantly connected, thanks to motivation and instinct adaptability, to market changes.


Continuous Innovation


Constant investment in R+D+I in our facilities, weaving, dyeing and finishing, with a productions of over 7.000.000 metres, allows us to be highly competitive in international markets with high guarantee of quality.

In our laboratory we develop all necessary controls so our fabrics reach its destination with total quality assurance.

Logistic and Organization

We export to over 80 countries.

Perfect co-ordination amongst all our departments together with the company’s compromise with investigation and development, has allowed us to stay in the market as a reference both national and internationally.


Our future relies on the constant and active communications with our customers, in order to develop enterprises.